Own A Store or Want To Sell Online?

Partnering with Discount Cleaning Products will allow you the opportunity to run your own business, your way, from home or with a storefront.  You’ll have the ability to leverage our buying power, which will offer you the opportunity to be competitive in your local market as well as against national online powerhouses.


You can open your own store, add to an existing store, or work from home selling on one of  many marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon, Sears and more.  Discount Cleaning Products’ superior customer service team is here to assist!

Why Partner with Discount Cleaning Products:

  • Over 200,000 Office Supplies, Cleaning Supplies & Tools to choose from
  • Design your store your way, not someone else’s way
  • Create your own pricing, so you’re competitive in your local market while still maintaining your desired profit margins
  • Benefit from our online presence to drive in-store traffic
  • Reduced inventory risk by access to data on the hottest selling products (so you don’t get stuck with inventory that doesn’t sell)
  • Creative Marketing assistance for your local marketing with our top notch marketing department.  
  • Ability to cross-sell and up-sell your existing customers while saving them money with our online catalog (and still get compensated for their online purchases)
  • Use our marketing expertise with email marketing, post-card offers and more to get traffic coming back to your store more often
Open Your Own Store:

Owning your own store has never been any easier.  You’ll have great access to over 200,000 products to choose from at phenomenal pricing.  Discount Cleaning Products’ buying power will ensure you get the best pricing possible all from one location.  You’ll also receive superior industry knowledge to make sure you remain competitive in your local market.  Our huge online traffic provides us a tremendous amount of data towards what the public is looking for daily to help you make sure you inventory what’s selling verses making inventory decisions off instinct.  Partnering with Discount Cleaning Products will further help you by taking inventory that you no longer wish to stock and having the ability to move the product with our large online community all with our assistance. Discount Cleaning Products will be here to assist you as a partner, so you’re not alone.

Ad to Your Existing Business:

Adding our product line to your existing store is extremely beneficial.  You’ll leverage our brand, our purchasing power, support and technology so that you’re no longer alone. Become more profitable and maintain your independence.  You’ll have access to our marketing team to assist you in penetrating your local market more aggressively than your competition.  You’ll have access to profit from our online presence by having traffic pushed to your store-front from online.  You’ll have the ability to move inventory you no-longer wish to carry by letting us know and we’ll have it sold online for you-reducing your risk.  Our buying power will offer you the opportunity to profit more by receiving lower pricing on the hottest selling products. More profitability, reduced risk, marketing help; don’t wait any longer and call today to learn how we can help.

Work From Home & Sell Online:

Are you a stay at home parent, college student or someone looking to generate further income? Gain access to our diverse product line-up of 200,000 plus popular products that you can sell online in one of the many marketplaces like Sears, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook and others.  You will be able to choose from over 1000 categories including Office Supplies, Cleaning Products, Restoration Equipment, Tools and many others.  As a Discount Cleaning Products partner you’ll receive the best pricing so you can make great profits.  You’ll have access to our knowledgeable team members who will be here to assist you.  You’ll be able to profit while saving your local community money on products they need to run their businesses like churches, schools, small businesses and more.

Call today to learn more how we can help you start earning money!