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Help other DiscountCleaningProducts.com customers by sharing your opinion of a recent purchase or product you’ve tried in the past.  Product Reviews help everyone in making the best decision!


Writing a Review is Simple!


  1. Log-in to your account or create an account so we have a customer id number for the drawing.  No purchase is necessary as we value all reviews!
  2. Visit the Product Listing and Click on “Write a Review”
  3. Now Lets Make Some Noise and share your opinion on the product. Rate it 1-5 Stars and type a quick review.
  4. Hit Submit & you’ve been entered to win $100 in our Monthly Drawing!  Each review you write increases your chances & each review is entered to win monthly forever!


Now Lets Make Some Noise & Write a Review!

Terms & Conditions:

Winners will be notified by email to the email address associated with your customer ID.  Discount Cleaning Products will only accept product reviews on the actual product to be entered.  Discount Cleaning Products has the right to end the promotion at anytime, though all previous winners have one year to redeem their $100 store credit! The $100 will be issued as store credit towards any purchase.  Drawing is done the first Monday of each month and winners are announced on our Blog, Facebook and via email to the winner!