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Hoover 15" Brushroll WindTunnel WidePath Fusion Spirit Non-Self Propelled

Hoover 15" Brushroll WindTunnel WidePath Fusion Spirit Non-Self Propelled
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Product Code: 012-48414063

Hoover 15" Brushroll WindTunnel WidePath Fusion Spirit Non-Self Propelled
14 1/2" from end-to-end. Replaces #48414063 and #48414017. Fits WindTunnel, WidePath, Fusion, Spirit, Bagless, TwinChamber, Tempo, FoldAway, Mach 3, Fusion and other models including these popular models: fits models U5014900, U5016900, U5018900, U5019900, U5170900, U5171900, U5173900, U5173900, U5173950, U5174900, U5175900, U5176900, U5176950, U5177900, U5347900, U5347960, U5348900, U5348911, U5349900, U5361900, U5361960, U5363900, U5365900, U5396900, U5397900, U5398900, U5420900, U54219RM, U5436950, U5443900, U5443940, U5445900, U5445940, U5446900, U5446960, U5446990, U5447900, U5449940, U5450900, U5451900, U5452900, U5453900, U5454900, U5456900, U5457900, U5458900, U5459900, U5464900, U5465906, U5465909, U5465916, U5469910, U5475900, U5477900, U57009RM, U5720900, U5720990, U5721900, U5722900, U5723900, U5725900, U5750900, U5750906, U5750911, U5750980, U5751900, U5752900, U5753900, U5753960, U5755900, U5756900, U5757900, U5758900, U5759900, U5761900, U5762900, U5763900, U5765900, U5767900, U5769900. Also referred to as an "agitator assembly," "brush assembly" or "brush roller."
The brushrolls found in vacuums are also referred to as beater bars, rollers, carpet rollers, brush rollers or simply as brushes. Over time the bristles can be damaged and worn. This may compromise the performance of your vacuum. Replacing the brushroll helps ensure top performance. See your manual for details. Note: Remember to change your belts during the brushroll replacement process.

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