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Dust - 10 Ways to Reduce Indoor Dust!
Last Updated: 01/21/2011
Dust - 10 Ways to Reduce Indoor Dust!
  • Dust buildup canít be hidden and by taking preventive steps you can greatly reduce dust inside your home or office, while experiencing better indoor air.
  • Purchase cleaning tools that capture dust vs. pushing the dust around.
  • Always dust from top to bottom to allow dust to settle.
  • Always vacuum after dusting to collect dust that has settled on the ground.
  • Make sure your vacuum has a clean and healthy brush roll to allow the vacuum to thoroughly agitate the floor carpet and bring the dust up from the carpet.
  • Brush rolls should be cleaned monthly and replaced annually.
  • Mop floors frequently as clean floors reduce indoor dust buildup tremendously. If not damp mopping a floor, make sure to use a good microfiber bad to capture the dust. Shake out entrance mats often.
  • Have your furnace filters changed quarterly and during peak seasons monthly.
  • Consider placing filters in your floor vents to capture dust.
  • Run good quality air purifiers that capture the indoor dust. This helps tremendously. Vacuum or wash your curtains and blinds at minimum a few times each year.
Good Dusting!

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