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Car Cleaning | Tips & Tricks on Keeping your Car Clean!
Last Updated: 05/30/2012

Keeping your car clean can be an absolute nightmare if you don�t have a system in place to follow.  The following are 6 great tips you can do to keep your car clean! Consider placing each of the items in a small tote kept in the trunk of your car (accept number 1): 
  1.  Recently read a suggestion from a reader who wrote in to USA Weekend Magazine named Jean Elam of North Augusta, S.C.  Jean suggested keeping a bucket of sudsy water near the location you park your car. Purchase a good old-fashioned string mop (one without metal) and when you need a quick cleaning, mop the areas of the car and hose down with water. This is meant for quick cleanings when you have the infamous bird droppings or need a quick hose down.
  2. Carry a pack of baby wipes for cleaning your car dashboard. This will also act like an anti-static protection to prevent dust & dirt from building up.
  3. Place 1-2 fabric softener sheets under both your driver and passenger car seats and replace every 2-4 weeks. This will leave a nice fresh scent in your car each day and is much less expensive than air fresheners.
  4. Carry a few baby diaper cloth rags in your trunk for that accidental coffee, tea or other liquid spills while driving.  Love diaper cloths because they are super absorbent, no lint and easy to clean with.  Spills happen to the best of us and having this available is nice.
  5. Microfiber towel and an aerosol can glass cleaner. These aerosol cans leave foam that when wiped with a nice microfiber cloth leave your windows shiny clean! If you ever wonder why car washes are able to clean your windshields so nicely, try a can of foam aerosol glass cleaner and you�ll be amazed!
  6. Keep left over plastic shopping bags in your trunk in this small tote. When you reach your destination or get back home at night, get in the habit of quickly emptying out your car of all its trash. This will greatly help in keeping your car nice and clean! For workers who spend a lot of their day in the car working with papers and need to stay organized, consider a car organizational desk product by AutoExec.  Many different options that make working out of a car much nicer.  View some popular AutoExec choices here!

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