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Best vacuum for pet hair
This vacuum is absolutely amazing if you have pets. It has a lint/fur removal brush attached to the front which picks up all types of fur and carpet fuzz as you pull backward. It then releases it as y
Repairing Hardwood Floor Scratch
Scratch on a Hardwood Floor, put some mayonnaise on a rag & rub it in to fill the scratch. Wait a few minutes (5-10 minutes) & wipe away with dry towel! After a day this should blend in to make the sc
Dust - 10 Ways to Reduce Indoor Dust!
Dust - 10 Ways to Reduce Indoor Dust! Dust buildup canít be hidden and by taking preventive steps you can greatly reduce dust inside your home or office, while experiencing better indoor air. Purchas
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Car Cleaning | Tips & Tricks on Keeping your Car Clean!
  Keeping your car clean can be an absolute nightmare if you donít have a system in place to follow.   The following are 6 great tips you can do to keep your car clean! Consider placing e
Wonderful!- Review for Austin Air HealthMate B400A1
This air filter was recommended to me by two allergy experts as the best one to use for tobacco smoke, and it works great. When I walk in the door, I can actually smell air fresheners in my house for
Removing Animal Hair from Upholstery
Animal hair on upholstery can be annoying and hard to remove. Take a pair of rubber cleaning gloves and make them damp. Rub against upholstery or stairs and it sticks to the glove!
Removing Hair Spray from Mirrors
Removing Hair Spray from you bathroom counters or Mirrors is easy. Use some rubbing alcohol on a cleaning rag to wipe clean. Once removed clean with Glass Cleaner.
Kool Glide - Review
Kool Glide is the only tool we use. We use it on all flooring. No more seam peaking, no more smoke, and easy to work with patterns and carpet with bow/skew! I would highly recommend to any installer!!
Removing Chewing Gum from Hair
Chewing gum in your kids hair, rub peanut butter into it covering the entire part of the hair covered with gum. The oils from the peanut butter will remove it, apply enough to cover it!
Thermax Lemon Oil Fragrance Is The Best - Review
The Thermax Lemon Oil Fragrance is the best fragrance they make.  Truly freshens up the entire home instantly and last so long.  Any air purifier should use this scent.  Thumbs Up! Dan
Vacuum belts - Review
Everything was great! Quick shipping and the product was just as described. Great pricing. Thanks! Diana Leyva-Caceres Napa, CA
Air King 9145 - Review
This is a great little fan. It has two speeds and the lower one is very quiet. I use it in the winter to improve the airflow over radiators. Donald C. Oak Park, IL.
The best Cordless Vac out there!
This the most incredible cordless vacuum I've ever seen. I have Hoover's Flair corded vacuum and love it, but the suction power of this cordless unit is even better. It easily picks up kitty litter, d
LOVE THIS VAC! Hoover BH50010 LiNX Review
I bought this vacuum about 8 months ago and it still works just as good as the day I bought it. Has strong pickup right up until the battery dies; every other cordless I have used dies down as the bat
Review - Great Vacuum...recommended!- Hoover C1404
Great vacuum...very pleased! I did a bunch of research before purchasing...and this Hoover is a great value. No fancy attachments or frills... just a lightweight machine that pickups all the dirt &
Perfect!!!- Review of F2229RM
This was the first time I ordered a reconditioned product since I simply did not have the money to buy it out right.....and also did not want another failing machine made by a different manufacturer..
The Hoover PortaPower Canister Vacuum
I bought the Portapower Canister for my garage and car. However, it has become my vacuum of choice for my kitchen floor (gets under the cabinets), the bathroom, and bedrooms.  It is great for get
Unilux 3000- Review
Love my machine. Strong, powerful. Had some upholstered dining room chairs, was gonna buy new chairs, not anymore, my Unilux cleaned chairs up beautifully,so it has already paid for itself. Wish every