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Car Cleaning | Tips & Tricks on Keeping your Car Clean!
  Keeping your car clean can be an absolute nightmare if you don�t have a system in place to follow.   The following are 6 great tips you can do to keep your car clean! Consider placing e
Cleaning a Messy Microwave Easily
Cleaning a Microwave that is messy doesn't have to be hard. Make cleaning your microwave easier, heat up some water in a cup for 30 seconds, the steam will loosen everything to clean easily! Really ba
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Repairing Hardwood Floor Scratch
Scratch on a Hardwood Floor, put some mayonnaise on a rag & rub it in to fill the scratch. Wait a few minutes (5-10 minutes) & wipe away with dry towel! After a day this should blend in to make the sc
Cleaning Leather Naturally
Coconut oil is natural & will soften & condition leather. Treat leather in the colder months when heaters can dry & crack leather! Coconut Oil is easy to get when shopping for your groceries and its g
Cleaning LCD TV Screen
Cleaning LCD TV Screens is necessary, though if done incorrectly can damage your TV. Never clean when your TV is on or warm from playing. Always dust with Microfiber cloth before applying Solution to
Cleaning Hard Carpet Stains with Magic Eraser
Magic Eraser is so magical that it even works on removing carpet stains. Wet & blot to remove. Also works great on cleaning door frames, floors and so much more. Great cleaning tool to own.
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Cleaning Stainless Steel | WD40 2000 Uses
Removing Oily Stains From Clothing
Ever go out for a Lunch appointment and spill Salad Dressing on a tie or shirt or some other oily food? Try some Artificial Sweetener which most restaurants will have or your office break room will.&n
Cleaning Your Pots & Pans
Clean your Pots & Pan is much easier if you put Hot water, Dish Soap & Baking soda in pan. Let the pan soak for an hour, possibly while eating dinner or let the pan sit in the oven over night and it s
Removing Stickers from Walls or Doors
Stickers from kids on walls and doors can be easily removed with the help of Vinegar. Wipe vinegar over to make damp & wait 15 minutes. Rubs off easily!
Cleaning Shower Soap Scum
Cleaning shower Soap Scum build up is easy with Bon Ami or Comet & a Green Scratch Pad. Wet the 3M Green Scratch Pad and Sprinkle the comet on the wall. Use the 3M Scratch pad to wash away the soap sc
Removing Animal Hair from Upholstery
Animal hair on upholstery can be annoying and hard to remove. Take a pair of rubber cleaning gloves and make them damp. Rub against upholstery or stairs and it sticks to the glove!
Cleaning Garbage Disposal Odor
Cleaning a Garbage Disposal that have an odor can be done simply. Use cold water and ice cubes to keep your garbage disposal nice and clean. Pour a drop or two of dish soap and let it sit for a bit. Y
Cleaning Oven Food Spills
When cooking with your oven if you spill food, make cleaning the oven easier by sprinkling salt on the spill for easier wiping when the oven cools.
Cleaning Food Spills On Clothing at Work
Removing Clothing stains at work can be difficult with the occasional food or drink spill at your desk when you don't have the best cleaners available. Most people will have toothpaste at work and tak