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Repairing Hardwood Floor Scratch
Scratch on a Hardwood Floor, put some mayonnaise on a rag & rub it in to fill the scratch. Wait a few minutes (5-10 minutes) & wipe away with dry towel! After a day this should blend in to make the sc
Just Received My Koblenz 620 Floor Polisher
The Koblenz Polisher is the best floor machine I've ever purchased for my house. Neighbors all love it and super! Thanks for the advice. Alison James Orlando, Florida
Bona X Commercial Hardwood Floor Cleaner- Review
Very Good Product. Mary D. Smith Sonoma, CA
Bissell Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner
I am very satisfied. Scottsdale, AZ.
Gloss Boss Mini Carpet & Floor Scrubber
Received this 2 weeks ago and it is so easy to use. Have cleaned my kitchen floors and kids carpet. Great cleaner for under $100 & highly recommend this great floor cleaner. Thanks for the help. J
Gloss Boss Mini Carpet & Floor Scrubber
I am very happy with this product.  It  cleans tile and grout very well and is very light weight and easy to handle. I highly recommend this product.  Angela....Odessa, Florida
Gloss Boss Mini Carpet & Floor Scrubber
Love my Gloss Boss.  Received 2 weeks ago and it does such a great job on my kitchen floors and hardwood floors.  Used it once on my bedroom carpet and did an ok job.  Well worth the $9
How to Remove Scuff Marks from Hardwood Floors
Removing scuff marks from a hardwood floor can be difficult. Try not to apply any cleaner at first. Rub a tennis ball over the area and for more difficult scuff marks on hardwood floors, spray the ten
Schematic - Hoover H3044 FloorMate SpinScrub Floor Cleaner & Vacuum
Schematic - Electrolux 12" Floor Machine SC6001A
Koblenz Operating and Service Instructions
Dust - 10 Ways to Reduce Indoor Dust!
Dust - 10 Ways to Reduce Indoor Dust! Dust buildup canít be hidden and by taking preventive steps you can greatly reduce dust inside your home or office, while experiencing better indoor air. Purchas
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Cleaning Hard Carpet Stains with Magic Eraser
Magic Eraser is so magical that it even works on removing carpet stains. Wet & blot to remove. Also works great on cleaning door frames, floors and so much more. Great cleaning tool to own.
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Can I use my own Downrod for the ICF96 or ICF72 fans
Yes, you need a clearance of at least 10' from the floor and at least 1' from the nearest obstacle or wall. The safety precautions in the instruction manual must be met (able to use keeper pins and sa
T1 Steamboy is fantastic!!
We just purchased the T1 Steamboy and absolutely love it!!! We have 2000 square feet of tile in our home and found that the Steamboy allowed us to mop the tile much more quickly than the traditional w
Kool Glide - Review
Kool Glide is the only tool we use. We use it on all flooring. No more seam peaking, no more smoke, and easy to work with patterns and carpet with bow/skew! I would highly recommend to any installer!!
Great Pricing on Rubbermaid
We use these Rubbermaid Floor Signs all through our office and your pricing is great! Good product lineup of facility & tool supplies. John R. Chicago, IL.