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Waterbury Companies Yankee Candle Air Freshener
This is the first time I tried the Yankee Candle and I must say I am pleased with it. I have it in my bathroom right now and my 10 year old grandson keeps saying how good it smells. And I agree. Bre
Car Cleaning | Tips & Tricks on Keeping your Car Clean!
  Keeping your car clean can be an absolute nightmare if you donít have a system in place to follow.   The following are 6 great tips you can do to keep your car clean! Consider placing e
Wonderful!- Review for Austin Air HealthMate B400A1
This air filter was recommended to me by two allergy experts as the best one to use for tobacco smoke, and it works great. When I walk in the door, I can actually smell air fresheners in my house for
Thermax Lemon Oil Fragrance Is The Best - Review
The Thermax Lemon Oil Fragrance is the best fragrance they make.  Truly freshens up the entire home instantly and last so long.  Any air purifier should use this scent.  Thumbs Up! Dan
Wonderful product!! Nilolitter Cat Litter Deodorizing Additive Review
I stumbled across this product in a discount store and tried it out in my cat's litter box. We had been using Tidy Cats litter box deodorizer with so-so results. I was floored by the results of this a