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DVC Oreck XL Upright Microlined Paper Bag 8Pk #471631 DVC Oreck XL Upright Microlined Paper Bag 8Pk #471631

DVC Oreck XL Upright Microlined Paper Bag 8Pk #471631

  • Designed to fit Oreck uprights without bag docking systems.
  • Fits models XL2000, XL8000, XL9000.
  • Microlined Premium Filtration Package contains 8 bags

Sale Price: $10.50

Oreck offers a wide array of choices when it comes to cleaning.  Oreck manufactures:

The quality of the vacuums that Oreck manufactures far outpaces others in the industry.  Originally Oreck began manufacturing vacuums for the hospitality industry and now Oreck is a famous residential household vacuum also. 

Oreck is well known for their lightweight vacuums that homeowners and cleaning companies now require from other manufacturers of vacuums.  Oreck manufactured such a powerful lightweight upright in the Oreck XL2000 that it is now in over 50,000 hotels throughout the world.  The Oreck XL2000 revolutionized the industry with a powerful 8 pound vacuum that has amazing strength with a light weight. 

Janitorial companies, cleaning companies, hotels, restaurants and homeowners have endless choices when it comes to cleaning with Oreck.  The following is information that you may find useful when looking at Oreck based on what we've seen from customers purchasing with Discount Cleaning Products. 

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