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6 Factors To Consider Which Purifier Is Best For You:

  1. Area Coverage - Consider the total area you're looking to cover and make sure the purifier covers the area efficiently. Some air purifiers cover only a 100 square foot room, while others cover over 1000 square feet.
  2. True Cost - Some units can be hooked up to your furnace which will require the cost of installation and maintenance. Many require filters that need to be replaced consistently which can add to the long term cost
  3. Noise Level - Consider the area you are looking to place the purifier and the noise level of the unit. The fans on some air purifiers can produce a load enough noise to be annoying. Look for units with silence features or very low decibel rating.
  4. Ozone Producing - Some produce ozone which is very effective in eliminating odors. Ozone producing purifiers are very popular in restaurants to fight kitchen smells, though they aren't good for individuals with asthma or poor breathing problems. Research before purchasing if individuals in your household have respiratory issues and possibly consider a non-ozone producing purifier.
  5. Size of Unit - Consider the location you'll be placing the unit and how large the unit is. There are many small units that cover large areas and large units that take up a lot of space that cover the same area as a smaller unit.
  6. Energy Efficiency - Many air purifiers manufactured today use very little electricity, the same amount of energy as a light bulb. There are some air purifiers still manufactured that aren't as energy efficient.