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How to Pick the Best Disposable Glove for your needs!

There are 4 Different Types Of Disposable Gloves:

  1. Vinyl Gloves

  2. Latex Gloves

  3. Synthetic Gloves

  4. Nitrile Gloves

Each of the above 4 choices come Powdered or Non-Powdered. Powdered gloves are easier to put on and remove from your hands and also removing from the box as powder prevents gloves from sticking together. The powder can also help the gloves last longer.

Vinyl gloves are your lowest cost disposable glove and used widely as a cleaning supply to cleaning companies, beauty salons, painters, package handlers and homeowners for indoor use and for gardening. Vinyl gloves are a great general purpose glove, though are not approved as a medical glove or exam glove as they aren't as durable as others and are prone to breaking easier.

Latex Gloves are much more durable than Vinyl and thus used widely in hospitals, doctor offices, dentists and any profession that individuals are exposed to infectious elements. Medical Gloves are regulated by the FDA for certain quality standards and are much more durable. Unfortunately some individuals have latex allergies and can develop skin irritations, rashes, hives, itching, stomach pain and in severe cases death. 90% of hospitals use non-powdered latex gloves because the powder can carry the latex allergy in the air to others in the room who may be allergic. Around 10% of the public has some type of allergic reaction to Latex Gloves.

For individuals looking for top protection with a disposable glove but not looking to use a latex glove, you'll want to consider Synthetic Gloves or Nitrile Gloves. Synthetic gloves contain no latex proteins and are therefore another choice in healthcare settings. Synthetic gloves are affordable, flexible and mold to your hand for a smooth fit.

Nitrile Gloves is another choice for folks that don't won't themselves or patients to be exposed to Latex Gloves. Nitrile Gloves are extremely durable and do not easily puncture. Nitrile gloves are 3 times more durable than a vinyl glove and they don't easily tear. Nitrile gloves are great for resisting chemicals as it won't adhere to the glove and they're less likely to absorb water. The gloves are also colored to easily show if a tear does happen. Nitrile gloves have a very comfortable fit and are considered the top disposable glove of choice.