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Discount Cleaning Products is proud to offer the full line of Genuine Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Bags!
Kirby Vacuum Bags are the most important component in order to keep your Kirby vacuum cleaner running at optimum performance! Below you will find all Kirby vacuum bags that range from the oldest style paper bags all the way to the newest Kirby Universal Bags!
**To be sure you are buying the right Kirby vacuum bag for your Kirby vacuum cleaner, see the machine chart below!
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The Kirby Company has a 100 year history of producing well built, long lasting vacuum cleaners that have held up year after year. DCP prides itself on maintaining all available Kirby vacuum bags and accurately describing all bags we carry so that you can verify your machine and the right bag for you! Most of our paper bag listings also reference the cloth bags that you may need or you can view them and all other products here: Kirby Vacuum Accessories!
Kirby Vacuum Model Guide:
1963/64 Sanitronic VII (Sirocco)
1965-67 Dual Sanitronic 50 (Sirocco)
1967-70 Dual Sanitronic 80 (Avocado green)
1967-70 Dual Sanitronic 80 (Avocado green)
1970-73 Classic 1CR (Medium brown, gold bag)
1973-76 Classic Omega 1CB (Dark brown, dark brown pinstriped bag)
1976-79 Classic III 2CB (Candy-apple red, plaid bag)
Intro of Kirby Vacuum Paper Bags
1979-81 Tradition (Dark blue)
1981-84 Heritage (Gray/orange)
1984-89 Heritage II Legend (Charcoal/gray/red)
1989-90 Legend II (Dark rose-pink)
1990-93 Generation 3 (Alabaster)
1993-96 Generation 4 (Medium gray)
1996-99 Generation 5 (Maroon)
1999-01 Generation 6 (Black/Yellow)
2002-05 Kirby Ultimate G
2005-06 Kirby Ultimate G Diamond
2006-    Kirby Sentria