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Pure Water Power Waterfed Poles - Available in 3 different models.

Viper Waterfed Poles: Available in 5 sizes ranging from 18 ft. to 55 ft. Viper Waterfed Poles are great for employees and gives you an excellent quality pole at a great price. Viper Poles have been proven to be a very reliable waterfed pole.

Mamba Waterfed Poles: Constructed of a Himod Carbon Fiber Kevlar for superior rigidity, strength and lightness. The Mamba Kevlar waterfed pole will be resistant to scratching and take more abuse than other poles. Available in 6 different varaiations ranging from 25 ft. to 65 ft. sizes including a mini trad pole that collapses to just 5 ft. reaching 30 ft.

Cobra Waterfed Poles: Constructed of a superior Ultra HiMod Carbon Fiber. Ultra HiMod (Himodulous) Carbon Fiber offers superior lightness while maintaining superior rigidity and strength. At only 5.5 lbs. this Cobra Ultra Himod waterfed pole is the most rigid in it's weight class giving the user more control at these heights. We have tested the rigidity of the Cobra Waterfed Poles with just about every brand on the market today and the Cobra waterfed poles have superior rigidity, lightness and strength. Cobra waterfed poles give you the ability to add 10 ft, 2-piece extensions up to two times to reach 65 ft.

Viper, Mamba and Cobra waterfed poles are commercial quality and available at a competitive price. Waterfed poles are available in sizes ranging from 18 ft. up to 65 ft. Constructed of the highest quality and performing hybrid, 100% carbon fiber, 100% Himod Carbon Fiber, Himod Kevlar and Ultra Himod materials. All Poles are equipped with a 24-Inch straight short pole that can be used handheld for ground level windows, an adjustable angle gooseneck with an acme thread attachment for scrub pads, 12-Inch dual trim nylon brush with 4-pencil jets. Viper hose, and high quality, easy to change, locking clamp mechanisms with aluminum levers.
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