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There are two stage and three stage vacuum motors. Three stage vacuum motors are more powerful and require 2 cords, while carpet extractors with two stage motors have less power and usually come with one cord.
  • Either option will work just fine.
  • A carpet extractor with a three stage vacuum motor will have more suction (increased water lift) and should dry faster.
  • Depending on your situation, finding separate circuits for each cord can be difficult.
Pumps and PSI
The pump affects the spraying force on the carpet. Pump capability is measured in PSI (pound per square inch), which determines how strong the solution pressure is on the carpet. Pumps can range from 55 to 1200 PSI.
  • Less than 100 PSI will typically be a smaller extractor, usually used for spots, auto detailing, etc.
  • More delicate carpets like rugs and upholstery will typically require less pressure, while floors are typically cleaned with 200 to 500 PSI.
  • Hard surface cleaning will require at least 700 PSI to use with a hard surface spinner tool.
  • Many extractors have adjustable PSI, so you can purchase the extractor you need for hard surfaces or floors, and adjust it down when needed.
Recovery/Solution Tank
The solution tank is for clean solution water and the recovery tank is for dirty water. Our tanks range from 2/3 gallons up to 12 gallons. The smaller tanks are lighter and more portable, but require frequent refilling and emptying. Larger jobs will want 10 to 12 gallon tanks, although a 6 gallon option is available as well.

  • It is not critical to have a heater, however, the solution dissolves better in hot water and it’s easier to dissolve and extract the dirt with hot water.
  • Heated units typically require 2 cords with the same potential issue of having 2 separate circuits available on each job.
  • Portable extractors most often use a 25’ hose kit with a wand. An upholstery tool can be purchased for use on smaller rugs, spots, upholstered furniture, stairs, etc.
  • Rotary cleaning tools are available.
  • A sprayer may be needed to apply pre-spray, etc.
  • For hard surface cleaning, you will need specific accessories such as a hard surface spinner tool.
Common Carpet Cleaning Chemical Categories
  • Pre-Sprays
  • Detergents and Rinses
  • Encapsulation and Bonnet
  • Boosters
  • Carpet Protectors
  • Deodorizers
  • Pet Odor and Stain Removal
  • Shampoos
  • Spotters and Stain Removers