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Soft Wash Buying Tips

What is Soft Washing?
Soft-washing is the cleaning process which utilizes low pressure combined with a custom cleaning solution, specially blended to meet the demands of each project. Soft washing is the best method for removing moss, lichen, algae, mold, mildew for soft surfaces such as rooftops, siding, stucco, and other delicate surfaces. Pressure washing on the other hand can damage soft surfaces due to the higher pressure.

  • Low pressure reduces chances for damage
  • A cleaner end product due to the chemicals/clean agents
  • Bacteria/Algae is killed at a molecular level allowing the surface to stay cleaner longer
  • Saves money on repairs that could have been easily avoided
  • Recommended for: Rooftops, siding, stucco, vinyl, and other delicate surfaces

Soft Wash vs Pressure Wash
Soft Wash ejects a much higher GPM (gallons per minute) and lower PSI (pounds per square inch). Pressure wash is the opposite of soft washing in that it provides lower GPM and higher PSI, producing a more powerful stream of water and blasting lose the stubborn dirt and grime.

When soft washing a home, the water stream should always be weak enough to place your hand directly in front of the spray nozzle without causing any pain whatsoever. This is probably the biggest advantage over the high-pressure method because the likelihood of damaging the exterior surface of the home is dramatically decreased.

What will you need to start soft washing?
The first thing you need to start soft washing is a soft wash system. At its most basic level, a soft wash system consists of a tank for holding chemicals, a pump and hoses for removing chemical, a trigger gun for controlling flow, and a nozzle to guide the spray.

Soft Wash Chemicals
Special chemicals that are biodegradable should get used in the cleaning process. A superior soft wash usually has a small amount of bleach and a foaming agent. Then, it's mixed with water and applied to the roof or home. No pressure is needed for the cleaning, only for the application.

All our available soft wash chemicals are completely biodegradable and break down into carbon and or water within 10 days of introduction into the environment.