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How to Clean a Bathroom Fast
Bathroom Cleaning is simply no fun and just plain boring! How to Clean a Bathroom Quickly & Correctly! View 7 Steps to Cleaning A Bathroom Rapidly Here!
Cleaning Shower Soap Scum
Cleaning shower Soap Scum build up is easy with Bon Ami or Comet & a Green Scratch Pad. Wet the 3M Green Scratch Pad and Sprinkle the comet on the wall. Use the 3M Scratch pad to wash away the soap sc
3 Step Process To Cleaning Leather
Caring for your Leather is easy by following a 3 Step Process to Protect it and Clean it. View the 3 Step Process to Cleaning & Protecting Leather Here!
The Hoover PortaPower Canister Vacuum
I bought the Portapower Canister for my garage and car. However, it has become my vacuum of choice for my kitchen floor (gets under the cabinets), the bathroom, and bedrooms.  It is great for get
Waterbury Companies Yankee Candle Air Freshener
This is the first time I tried the Yankee Candle and I must say I am pleased with it. I have it in my bathroom right now and my 10 year old grandson keeps saying how good it smells. And I agree. Bre
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Newsletter (181) - PortaPower News, The Results Are In & A Coupon Code!
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Removing Hair Spray from Mirrors
Removing Hair Spray from you bathroom counters or Mirrors is easy. Use some rubbing alcohol on a cleaning rag to wipe clean. Once removed clean with Glass Cleaner.
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  Pumice Scouring Sti
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