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Repairing Hardwood Floor Scratch
Scratch on a Hardwood Floor, put some mayonnaise on a rag & rub it in to fill the scratch. Wait a few minutes (5-10 minutes) & wipe away with dry towel! After a day this should blend in to make the sc
How to Remove Scuff Marks from Hardwood Floors
Removing scuff marks from a hardwood floor can be difficult. Try not to apply any cleaner at first. Rub a tennis ball over the area and for more difficult scuff marks on hardwood floors, spray the ten
Bona X Commercial Hardwood Floor Cleaner- Review
Very Good Product. Mary D. Smith Sonoma, CA
Gloss Boss Mini Carpet & Floor Scrubber
Love my Gloss Boss.  Received 2 weeks ago and it does such a great job on my kitchen floors and hardwood floors.  Used it once on my bedroom carpet and did an ok job.  Well worth the $9
Hoover PortaPower Vacuum
Just received my Hoover Canister Vacuum and its awesome. Light and powerful. Easy to do my hardwood flooring throughout my home.  Highly recommend and thanks for the fast shipping. Shelly M. New
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