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Review - Awesome!!!- Hoover PortaPower Vacuum
I have the older version of this vacuum(28 years) and decided to give both my daughters one for Christmas.  I cannot believe how loud they screamed when they opened this present and saw what was
Schematics - Hoover Portapower CH30000
Hoover Portapower
I've been using this vacuum for over 30 yrs & I love it. I'm on my 2nd one, the 1st lasted over 20 yrs with almost daily use - 4 kids & dogs. We use it for the house, car & boat. Now i'm t
Hoover Portapower
This lightweight, super powerful vacuum is perfect!  The long commercial cord makes for quick cleaning from one room to the next.  Attachments are also great for vacuuming any vehicle. 
Hoover PortaPower Vacuum
Just received my Hoover Canister Vacuum and its awesome. Light and powerful. Easy to do my hardwood flooring throughout my home.  Highly recommend and thanks for the fast shipping. Shelly M. New
Love The Hoover PortaPower!
Oh my gosh, I owned one of these Portapower years ago and lasted forever, I didn't know they still made them, I love this product and can't wait to get this again!! Best little vacuum I have ever owne
The Hoover PortaPower Canister Vacuum
I bought the Portapower Canister for my garage and car. However, it has become my vacuum of choice for my kitchen floor (gets under the cabinets), the bathroom, and bedrooms.  It is great for get
The Hoover PortaPower Canister Vacuum
Best vacuum I have ever owned. I have one that is 27 years old and going like the day I bought it. Just purchased my 2nd one and would recommend this vacuum to anyone. It is awesome! Dekalb, IL.
Schematic - CH30000 Portapower
Hoover Canister Vacuum Portapower CH30000
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I can't believe I finally found my vacuum!
I am shocked! I love this vacuum. My husband and son are fighting over who gets to use it so I have not been able to use it yet! Great quality. Hoover of course. Not for wall to wall carpeting but all
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