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Gruene Steamer - Review
Thanx Discount Cleaning Products...Well Done! BTW: My wife has nothing but praise for the Gruene Steamer. She has been steam cleaning everything in sight. She started eyeing our dogs...I told her enou
Vapor Clean Desiderio - Great Commercial Steamer
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Vapor Steam Cleaner VC-4000-C Continuous Fill
Unilux 3000 Commercial Steam Cleaner
I love my recent purchase. I own a small part-time auto detailing business and this machine has made my customers so happy. Powerful and vacuums, love it. My wife has stolen it while i'm at my other j
Unilux 3000- Review
Love my machine. Strong, powerful. Had some upholstered dining room chairs, was gonna buy new chairs, not anymore, my Unilux cleaned chairs up beautifully,so it has already paid for itself. Wish every
Vapor Steam Cleaner-Review
Great product, I have tested on building and restaurant areas. Plus on gum removal on concrete, and it works great. I have a friend that will purchase one. Of course I will recommend Discount cleaning
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