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Hydroforce Sprayer HP AS08 Hydro-Force
Items just as described. Thanks for the super fast shipping. Rosa G. Stockton , CA.
Removing Hair Spray from Mirrors
Removing Hair Spray from you bathroom counters or Mirrors is easy. Use some rubbing alcohol on a cleaning rag to wipe clean. Once removed clean with Glass Cleaner.
Chemicals - Customer Poll
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Removing Sharpie Permanent Marker
If kids get a hold of a Sharpie Permanent Marker & decide to decorate walls or furniture, spray Lysol on it and blot away. Works Great
Removing Oily Stains on your Deck from Leaves
Removing Oily leave stains on a deck is easy! Sprinkle powdered laundry detergent & scrub with a deck brush. Finish by spraying clean with an outdoor hose.
How to Remove Scuff Marks from Hardwood Floors
Removing scuff marks from a hardwood floor can be difficult. Try not to apply any cleaner at first. Rub a tennis ball over the area and for more difficult scuff marks on hardwood floors, spray the ten
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Keeping a Cat Away
Lemon or Orange Citrus mixed with water is a great natural solution to spray in areas you�re trying to deter a cat from!
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