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Free Groom Solutions Chemical Sample Pack, Valued at Over $300

Free Groom Solutions Chemical Sample Pack
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Free Groom Solutions Chemical Sample Pack (free with purchase of carpet extractor)


Groom Solutions CC500GL Megapack Traffic Lane Cleaner Carpet Prespray

1 gallon of ultra-concentrated Megapack Traffic Lane Cleaner. This ultra-concentrated carpet prespray is ideal for cleaning heavily soiled traffic lanes and overall carpet preconditioning.

Vibrant Commercial Carpet Extraction Detergent CC506GL

1 gallon of Vibrant Carpet Extraction Detergent. Vibrant combines the boosted cleaning power of high pH extraction powders with the instant solubility of a liquid.

Refreshsoft Neutralizing Rinse, CC508GL

1 gallon of Refreshsoft Neutralizing Rinse. Refreshsoft Neutralizing Rinse is a concentrated neutralizing agent used in the final extraction and rinse of the extraction cleaning process for carpet and upholstery.

Triplephase Stain Remover For Carpets and More, CS513QT

1 quart of Triplephase Stain Remover. A product designed to alter the structure of stains by removing, oxidizing, or making them invisible. Ideal for use with mustard, furniture stains, wood stains, shoe polish, urine contamination, coffee, vomit, pigments, and other staining materials you would not eat or drink.

Lift-Ink Carpet Spotter, CS512PT

1 pint of Lift-Ink Carpet Spotter. Unlike other solvent based ink removing spotters that require tons of agitation and dirty up a ton of blotting towels, Lift-INK Carpet Spotter is an emulsifying ink, dye, and marker remover.

Groom Solutions CP509GL Relax Carpet & Upholstery Protector

1 gallon of Relax Carpet Protector. Relax Premium Carpet and Upholstery Protector provides the most advanced C6 technology in fluorochemical technology for enhanced water and oil based soil resistance.

Groom Solutions Malodor Modifier Deodorizer, CD505GL

1 gallon of Malodor Modifier. Malodor Modifier has been proven to be extremely effective in correcting pet odor problems such as urine, feces, vomit and in the removal of organic related staining.

Groom Solutions CD504GL Aromafresh Severe Deodorizer (Vomit, Smoke, Urine Remover)

1 gallon of Aromacide. Aromacide Deodorizer has been specially formulated to counteract and neutralize organic malodors through a multi-phased attack on organic odor producing materials.

Citrus Burst Carpet Booster And Spotter, CS510GL

1 gallon of Citrus Burst. Citrus Burst Booster is a multi-purpose cleaning solution boosting agent as well as an extremely effective solvent spotter for use on carpet and upholstery, as well as other textiles and fabrics. Add Citrus Burst to your pre-spray, traffic lane cleaner, carpet extraction detergent, or tile or hard surface cleaning solution to boost cleaning power on tough jobs like oily and greasy soil, motor oil, asphalt track-in, food soil, and many other difficult and grimy soils.

Peroxicap Carpet Prespray, CC503GL

1 gallon of Peroxicap Carpet Prespray, 5 in 1 solution. Peroxicap is a 5 in 1 multi purpose hydrogen peroxide activated and encapsulating polymer fortified carpet cleaning agent. It combines a synergistic hydrogen peroxide detergent blend with a special encapsulating polymer. The special peroxide blend oxygenates and activates the cleaning power of the polymers and surfactants, and also helps effectively remove many spills and spots (coffee, wine, blood, urine caused discoloration, and more) during the cleaning process. The encapsulating polymer bonds to, surrounds, and encapsulates soil. This encapsulated residue that is left in the carpet following cleaning can be extracted from the carpet during the post-cleaning and/or vacuuming process.

Groom Solutions Grungegone Carpet Prespray, CC502A

1 6.5 lb. jar of Grungegone Carpet Prespray. Grungegone Carpet Prespray is a complete, ultra-concentrated, high alkaline preconditioning formula for carpets and upholstery. Grease and oils dissolve in minutes while protein soils are digested and readied for complete extraction. It is excellent in restaurants and on problem soils found in homes and apartments.

Select Pro Carpet Extraction Detergent

1 gallon of Select Pro Carpet Extraction Equipment. Select Pro Carpet Extraction Detergent combines the cleaning power of extraction powders with the instant solubility of a liquid. It is very aggressive on all types of soil, yet safe for your customer�s carpets and for your machinery.

Groom Solutions CS511GL Liquid Browning / Coffee Free Stain Remover

1 gallon of Liquid Browning / Coffee Free. Liquid Browning / Coffee Free Browning Treatment and Coffee Stain Remover is specially formulated to effectively deal with two of the most problematic and common carpet issues _ browning and coffee stains.

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