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We All Go | Free TP from DCP | Free Charmin Toilet Paper
Last Updated: 05/29/2012

We All Go, so this week free TP from Discount Cleaning Products on all orders over $50. Office Supplies or Cleaning Supplies, any order over $50 will receive free from DCP Charmin Toilet Paper! Charmin Toilet Paper helps you, "Enjoy the Go" and Discount Cleaning Products and Office Supplies likes to do our job in helping you stay clean! Use coupon code: weallgo at check-out! :)

Download the free application from Charmin that helps you find a clean restroom! Download the creatively named application, sitorsquat on your Apple iPhone or Android:

Visit Discount Cleaning Products & Office Supplies homepage weekly for a promotional event at: 

200,000 Office Supplies & Cleaning Supplies 30% less than the Rest!

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